Mother to Mother Ministry assists caregivers of minor children through supportive friendships that promote family growth.

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Family Growth through Friendship

Mother to Mother Ministry

The purpose of Mother to Mother Ministry is to provide opportunities for individuals of different racial/ethnic, religious and economic backgrounds to gather in friendship. By offering support with family struggles or simply sharing life experiences, people learn from each other. These new friendships empower participants to nurture healthy families and to grow as both individuals and members of society.









Our Members:

Moms In Need of Mentoring And Support (MINOMAS)
A person with minor children in need of friendship and support to assist her achieve a positive lifestyle and the ability to nourish and develop a health family.
Moms Offering Mentoring And Support (MOMAS)
An individual who believes that intential friendships lead to a positive environment that is conducive to developing a positive lifestyle through a goal-oriented approach.


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